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Tips for Adults interested in writing:


  1. Join SCBWI 

  2. Find a critique group (or at least one or two other writers who will give honest feedback about your writing)

  3. Attend conferences, listen to podcasts, watch webinars, and surround yourself with other people in the writing community.  The kidlit world is amazing. People who choose to write children’s books for a living are some of the most incredible people on the planet. They will be sincerely interested in supporting you and willing to share their expertise and experiences with you.

  4. Go to a bookstore and spend time reading the books that are being published.  Go to the library and check those books out. Study them.  Look closely at the word count, the page turns, and what is being left to the illustrator.  

  5. Develop a resolve about your writing goals. Don’t give up. This path isn’t typically an easy one.  You’ll need to stick with it. If you do, good things will happen…just believe!

  6. Embrace revision. To me, it is the most fun part of writing. That’s when a story begins to really take shape.

  7. Here are some sites that will benefit you as a writer.  Each one has been extremely helpful for me.



Check these out:
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Tara Lazar 'Storystorm'
Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop
Reading for Research ReFoReMo
Children's Book Academy
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